About Simply Motherhood


I’m just another mom who has been trying her hand at blogging and sharing a story on motherhood. The original blog was started about three years ago- which you can find here – when our first child was born and has since gone through many name changes and make overs. But has finally flourished into the Simply  Motherhood blog.

To be honest I’m no professional. I don’t have fancy writing skills and no fancy camera for beautiful clean photos. But I make up for it with wit, hopefully, and a pretty cool iPhone 6 that takes okay pictures. So.. there’s that.

Just here to tell our stories, share experience, and hope to easy a few other moms worry about being crazy or alone. No mom is alone through the journey of motherhood. We’ve all been there, through the weird, the raw, and the beautiful mess of it all. We may all be different, but we are all the same.

But of course you can expect to also see some DIY projects, dinner recipes, and life hacks. Because let’s get real here, it’s not a real mom blog without them.